My encounter with Mizuhiki code

My aunt had worked at Japanese betrothal gifts shop in front of Takasago Shrine.
Thus, I was used seeing the Mizuhiki because it is used as betrothal gifts, envelopes, and regional annual events. However, I had an opportunity to meet wholesaler from Ehime prefecture and I was taught more details about Misuhiki. It was the beginning that I was more interested in type and color of Mizuhiki, and I started crafting with Mizuhiki.

Although the betrothal shop had been familiar among local people, the shop was closed in July 2015 because my aunt passed away.

However, I have been trying to arrange the Japanese traditional item Mizuhiki in modern style because I want to hand down this traditional craft to young people.

There are meanings of Mizuhiki “amulet’’ and “tying people with strong bonds’’ It is said that the more the Mizuhiki tied strong, the more bonds between people deepen. The way of tying is changed depends on usage, also every color has meanings.

Mizuhiki crafts I make are accessories arranged in modern style while keeping the traditions.


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