Hyogo, Takasago city is a famous place by “Aioi no Matsu” which has a pinetree with a couple of booms sticking out together from the same base root.


This is  ” CHIWA ” and we are a bottega (Atelier) which makes and produces the “Mizuhiki” accessory and are also taking a place of the workshop ( trial class ) internally in Takasago City.

“Mizuhiki” is the crafted thread made of japanese paper ( “Washi” ) with twisting and glueing. The Mizuhiki has the meanings of talisman and connecting people. It is said that the more tightly tie the Mizuhiki, makes the bond much deepen.

And it is continue to use as decolative item of gifts or celebration stuffs by its colorful and various knots as custom when people dedicate the gifts since Muromachi Era in ancient times.

Isn’t it expresses the Japanese distinctive cultures and practices? It ties the people hearts and human relations by putting in it together speculatively.

In our modern life, the oppotunity to send a betrothal gift before marriage becomes minority, unfortunately but..

We are very happy if we can contribute to make your cherished memory with our “Mizuhiki” accessory.

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